Music Geographic 音樂國際日 | 2015.10.24

New Town Plaza 新城市廣場


Music Geographic is a music festival from 2015.10.11 – 2015.11.17. There’re performances on Saturdays and Sundays by different music groups. SIU2 will play some of their original tunes in this festival. Stay tuned for more updates!  

Itamiya Ryosuke in HK  伊丹谷良介 | 2015.11

Japanese famous singer-songwriter Itamiya Ryosuke will visit Hong Kong in November 2015. Itamiya will have several gigs and other activities in Hong Kong. Performance schedule to be announced soon. Stay tuned with us! 

來自日本大阪的著名音樂唱作人伊丹谷良介將於11月來香港演出。活躍日本、中國、香港及亞洲多地的伊丹谷良介,曾與不少知名香港歌手合作及同台演出,包括陳奕迅、劉德華、容祖兒、關淑怡及黄耀明等,中國的那英、紀敏佳、滿文軍,和日本著名作曲家及音樂總監菊地圭介合作。與著名結他手シャ乱Q (Sharam Q) 及其他知名音樂人組成HATAKE樂隊,擔任樂隊的歌手及音樂創作。


About Itamiya Ryosuke  有關伊丹谷良介


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