a unique fusion band from Hong Kong

“SIU2’s dynamic yet soulful composed music offered ample proof that progressive, exciting fusion is not necessarily synonymous with improvisation.”

– Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

About SIU2

SIU2 is a renowned fusion band from Hong Kong. The sheng, a musical instrument with its roots from ancient China no less than 3 millennia ago, leads the organism’s process of sound-weaving together with the sanxian, zheng, piano, bass guitar and drums. The resulting musical tapestry flows seamlessly through the East and West, past and present while melting down borders between genres. SIU2 is a sonic portrayal of the juxtaposition of disparate cultural elements in Hong Kong. It is one-of-a-kind and its sound not something one can hear anywhere else. Ever since debuting in the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Festival‘s  “Sheng It Up” and the New Visions Arts Festival the same year, SIU2 has held concerts at Hong Kong City Hall in 2010 and 2012. As recognition of its unique brand of sound grew, SIU2 began to be invited to stages outside its hometown and participated in various musical festivals below, all to critical acclaims:  

  • 2016  Le French May, Hong Kong (as guest of Paris Combo’s concerts)
  • 2016  Huayi Festival, Singapore
  • 2015  Performing Arts Market in Seoul, South Korea
  • 2015  The 2nd Silk Road International Arts Festival Collision@Chang’an Concert, Xi’an (with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
  • 2014  Europe Tour (Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Prague, Warsaw
  • 2014  Sunbeam Collision Concert (with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
  • 2013  Chengdu Music Festival, China
  • 2012  Bordeaux Music Festival, France
  • 2012  Taipei Hong Kong Week Collision Concert , Taiwan
  • 2012  Shenzhen Hong Kong Creative Arts Festival, China
  • 2011  Beishan International World Music Festival, China
  • 2011  Borneo Jazz Festival, Malaysia
  • 2011  Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Hong Kong

Three albums have been released by SIU2: Sonic Traveler (2013), KonFusion (2010) and Open Door (2008). Sonic Traveler, featuring musical elements of various cultures as the theme, expand the frontiers of SIU2 musical vocabularies even further as it communicates with the world with music ; Music from EP KonFusion, the second album was chosen by to be used in its episode featuring Hong Kong. And music from the Debut album Open Door was recorded as the background music of Mcdull movie.


Ng Cheuk Yin
composition, sheng, electric organ
Peter Fan
Jason Lau
Siuming Chan
bass guitar
Cass Lam
Lawrence Tsui

“Listening to the group performing live is quite an experience; it feels like you’re wrapped up in a fast-paced weave of bright, crashing melodies.”

the Star, Malaysia

the Chinese Musical Instruments

SIU2 has three Chinese Musical Instruments – sheng, zheng and sanxian in their band. Interested to know more about these instruments?




SIU2 CD Albums

Sonic Traveler
Sonic Traveler
Open Door
Open Door

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