Children’s voices are changing every day, and they are fleeting.
Record their voices at every stage and save the precious moments!
Have you ever thought that besides taking family photos,
you can also record a song together for the anniversary?
We can help you to save the precious voice of your beloved ones!

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Other tailor made services for all ages available, please contact us for details.



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Our recording studio creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for both children and parents. There is also a play area that allows children to familiarize themselves with the environment and prepare themselves before starting the recording, enabling them to perform at their best.

The scheduling of recording sessions is flexible, allowing children to have multiple attempts until they are satisfied with their performance. Our producers are professional musicians who are familiar with working with children and have the patience to guide them.

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About Little Flower Kids Music

Little Flower Kids Music was founded by composer and music producer Ng Cheuk Yin, aiming at producing high-quality music and music activities for kids, promoting good values, self-confidence and the passing down of local cultures to our future generation through a wide range of topics in art and daily life encounters, and enriching kids‘ music world.

Since 2021, Little Flower Kids Music has produced numerous children’s songs. Among them, the “Yat Yat Yat Kids Song” project launched in 2022 has brought a refreshing collection of original Cantonese kids songs, which has well-received by the society and has been interviewed by several radio programmes, including RTHK’s “Children’s Corner” and “Good Children’s Sunday” as well as Commercial Radio’s “Child-friendly” and “Collection Magazine” Among them, “Good Children Sunday” even has a special segment called “Insightful Children’s Songs” inviting Ng Cheuk-yin to share his insights on creating children’s songs, including composition, lyrics, arrangement, and singing.

In terms of music events, Little Flower Kids Music has produced popular family concerts such as “Little Kids Jazz World” and “Little Kids  Winter Jazz World” and “Little Kids World Music” family concert in 2023 summer. They are dedicated to providing parents with more choices of music for young children, inspiring parents and children to experience different genres of music, and cultivating and enriching their music appreciation and taste. The theme songs of these concerts have also been well-received by local and international audiences, with the theme song “Baby Jazz” from “Little Kids Jazz World” family concert having over 320,000 views.

Ng Cheuk-yin, the founder of Little Flower Kids Music, has created and produced a large number of children’s music for various organizations and schools. His music includes the popular “20-Second Handwashing Song” by McDull, the “Let’s Play Chinese Music Together” series by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and the “7 Steps of Handwashing Animated Short” by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health. Other works include the film score for McDull’s “ The Pork of Music”, “I Wish I Could Make a Wish” , a musical theatre by Jimmy Liao,“the Kids in Rainbow Jerseys”, a children dance theatre by Hong Kong Dance Company,  “A Tale From the Magical Beanland” musical, for the 40th Anniversary Performance of Hong Kong Children’s Choir, “Voice of the Woods“, an a cappella theatre of the 2023 International Arts Carnival a Cappella Music Theatre, and “Sing Along with Lok Lok” , a naamyum music theater for the 2022 International Arts Carnival and etc.  Organizations and singers Ng collaborated with include the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Yip’s Children’s Choir, Hong Kong Treble Choir, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Dance Company, Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Andy Lau, Lowell Lo, Cai Qin, Jeff Chang, Zhang Jin Qiao, Xian Jing Feng, and Chiu Wai San and more.