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Why should your child join the Little Flower Choir?

The Little Flower Choir is a choir specifically designed for children aged 3-7, aiming to inspire their interest in music and lay a solid foundation for their future musical learning.

The ages of 3 to 7 are the golden period for learning music. Singing not only brings joy but also has beneficial effects on both the mind and body. It is also the easiest way to introduce children to the world of music. The benefits of joining a choir are numerous and extend beyond music to various aspects of social and personal life.

In terms of music, choir singing can train their auditory skills and develop a strong sense of music perception, laying a solid foundation for their future singing, instrumental playing, and ensemble participation. In terms of child development, singing can help them with proper pronunciation, introduce them to different cultures through music, and build their self-confidence. Additionally, learning choir singing can cultivate children’s social skills and teamwork spirit.

The Little Flower Choir firmly believes that choir singing is an ideal activity for nurturing children’s growth. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded parents, creating an environment filled with music and joy, and fostering the healthy development of children.

Our Background & Mission

The Little Flower Choir is founded by renowned composer Ng Cheuk Yin, who serves as the Artistic Director. The choir is supported by a team of dedicated instructors with extensive experience in teaching music to children and a caring attitude. Choir members will have the opportunity to explore and learn various genres of music, including pop songs, jazz, classical music, musical theater, and world music. This allows children to not only enjoy singing but also build confidence, develop cultural awareness, foster teamwork, inspire creativity, and broaden their musical horizons.

Here are the key features of the Little Flower Choir:

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(Apply on or before May 31, 2024 to enjoy a $500 reduction in choir fee)

• Enables children to enjoy the pleasure of singing while enhancing their confidence, enriching their cultural knowledge, and fostering teamwork.

• The choir repertoire includes a diverse range of genres, such as pop songs, jazz, classical music, musical theater songs, and world music.

• Stimulates children to experience different types of music, nurturing and enriching their musical interests, appreciation, and taste.

• Exposing children to various musical genres greatly benefits their growth and development, inspiring their minds and creativity.

Apply NOW

(Apply on or before May 31, 2024 to enjoy a $500 reduction in choir fee)

Recruitment Details


Children aged 3-7 who are interested in singing, Participant must be aged 3 from July 1, 2024.

How to Join

Applicants need to attend and pass an audition before being admitted to Little Flower Choir.

Application Method

1. Please prepare child ‘s personal photo (please put your child’s name as the file name), identity proof or school handbook information page which contains child’s personal details (in digital format)
(for upload when filling out the online application)

2. Settle the HK100 audition fee by one of the following methods, and screen capture or take a photo of the payment proof
(for upload when filling out the online application)

i. by bank transfer to Hang Seng Bank 385-804893-883
ii. by Fast Payment System(FPS)to ID. 8023194
Bank Account name: Flower Music Company Limited

3. Fill out the online application form (Please click here)

The required documents and proof of fee payment submitted together with the online application must be complete.

Deadline for Application

June 28, 2024  (Fri) 12:00noon

Date & Venue of Audition

July 6 & 7, 2024 (Sat & Sun)
Room 2, L1-G/F., Kai Wong Commercial Building, 222 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Applicants will be divided into groups in audition. We will inform parents by email for individual audition time slot after recruitment form is received.

Audition Fee

HK$100 per person

Under all circumstances, the audition fee paid will not be refunded.

Contents of Audition

• Musicality assessment
• Rhythmic sense assessment
• Pitching assessment
• Solo performance (within 1 minute)
(solo performance in any language and music genre, no accompanied music is needed.)

Audition Result

We will inform the audition result to parents by email on July 17, 2024.

Apply NOW

(Apply on or before May 31, 2024 to enjoy a $500 reduction in choir fee)

Choir Timetable & Fees

Commencement Date

August 16, 2024 (Fri) & August 17, 2024 (Sat)

Apart from regular lessons, training time will be adjusted according to the performance schedule.

Choir Timetable & Duration

1 lesson per week, each lesson  lasts 1 hour. Lesson commences on Fridays & Saturdays

• Team Dandelion (age 3-5)5pm-6pm, on Fridays
• Team Lily of the Valley ( age 3-5 ) 10am-11am, on Saturdays
• Team Buttercup (age 3-5)11am-12nn, on Saturdays
• Team Sunflower(age 3-5)12nn-1pm, on Saturdays
• Team Sakura(age 6-7)2pm-3pm, on Saturdays

Practice Venue

Little Flower Kids Music

Room 2, L1-G/F., Kai Wong Commercial Building, 222 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Medium of Instruction

In Cantonese, with English and Putonghua as supporting language.


HK$5,800 each term (6 months)

1st term: February –  July 2024, 2nd term: August 2024 – January 2025

Paid fee will not be refunded.
Extra fees may be charged for joining special performance(s).

Registration Fee


Only for new joiners and this fee is required to pay once only. This fee includes choir uniform and study materials.


Choir members must wear the Choir uniform and identification card issued by the Choir when attending practices.
The Choir reserves the right to accept or allocate members. In the event of non-acceptance or failure to be allocated due to scheduling conflicts, the fees paid will not be refunded.
All practice information is subject to the latest announcements by the Choir. Any changes will not be notified separately. In case of any disputes, the Choir reserves the final decision-making rights.


whatsapp: 6790-1310
Tel: 2516-7814 / 2526-7800

Office hour: 10:00-18:00 (Tue to Sat)

Apply NOW

(Apply on or before May 31, 2024 to enjoy a $500 reduction in choir fee)

Artistic Director & Teaching Team

Artistic Director: Ng Cheuk Yin

• renowned composer and music producer

• Graduated from the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in composition

• His choral composition “Singing Voices of the World (我唱出了世界的聲音) ” was awarded twice the CASH most performed work award (serious music), in 2014 & 2019 respectively

• Other works include the film score for MuDull movie ” The Pork Of Music”, Jimmy Liao’s musical theatre “If I Could Only Make a Wish,” Hong Kong Dance Company’s children’s dance theatre “the Kids in Rainbow Jerseys”, ” the 2023 International Arts Carnival a cappella theatre “Voice of the Woods”, the 2022 International Arts Carnival Nanyin Theatre “Singer Along with Loklok”, and Hong Kong Children’s Choir’s 40th-anniversary musical “a Tale from the Magical Beanland”

• Composer of HK pop songs “Under the Sakura Tree (櫻花樹下)”, “Century Tree (百年樹木)” and “Unhappy (開不了心)”

• Collaborated with singers such as Hins Cheung, Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Andy Lau, Lowell Lo and Cai Qin

Tutor: Lok Wa

• a singer, an a cappella performer, and a vocal coach

• formed the group SIS with her sister Lok Yan Ming and won the Best New Artist award at at Radio 903

• her creative song “Thank You” has arnered over one million clicks

• graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in music and linguistics, and a Postgraduate Diploma in English, majoring in English education

• an experienced vocal coach and a cappella music director

• she has coached various choirs, including the University of Hong Kong Chamber Choir, and studied conducting techniques under Dr. M.J. Ryan. During her university days, LOK was a soprano, arranger, and music director for the University of Hong Kong A Cappella Choir Mosaic

Tutor: Candace Lee

Candace LEE is a passionate teacher and performer with over fifteen years of experience working with children with different abilities. Her experience includes being the head instructor at G&D Academy & Stepstage Dance Performance Academy, the head teacher at Spring Child Waldorf Classroom, and the head teacher at Gymboree Play & Music Hong Kong, to name a few. She has immense experience in building strong foundations for young children in their music learning path, through several instruments including piano, drums, ukulele, and singing.

Besides music education, Candace is very keen on adapting creative therapy interventions in her facilitation. She has attended numerous workshops and training on music therapy, expressive art therapy, and vocal psychotherapy presented by international speakers, such as Prof Benedikte B. Scheiby, Dr. Kenneth Aigen, Dr. Kate Donohue, Dr. Cathy Malchiodi, Dr. Diane Austin, etc. She has been serving St James Settlements since 2017 at  The Jockey Club Artspiration Academy, Voices for Harmony, leisure service, rehabilitation service, etc.

Multi-talented Candace is a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong. She is a band member of Farley’s Angels and Zenwester as well as a community music facilitator of the Centre for Community Cultural Development, Every Life Is A Song, and other community projects.

About Little Flower Kids Music

Little Flower Kids Music was founded by composer and music producer Ng Cheuk Yin, aiming at producing high-quality music and music activities for kids, promoting good values, self-confidence and the passing down of local cultures to our future generation through a wide range of topics in art and daily life encounters, and enriching kids‘ music world.

Since 2021, Little Flower Kids Music has produced numerous children’s songs. Among them, the “Yat Yat Yat Kids Song” project launched in 2022 has brought a refreshing collection of original Cantonese kids songs, which has well-received by the society and has been interviewed by several radio programmes, including RTHK’s “Children’s Corner” and “Good Children’s Sunday” as well as Commercial Radio’s “Child-friendly” and “Collection Magazine” Among them, “Good Children Sunday” even has a special segment called “Insightful Children’s Songs” inviting Ng Cheuk-yin to share his insights on creating children’s songs, including composition, lyrics, arrangement, and singing.

In terms of music events, Little Flower Kids Music has produced popular family concerts such as “Little Kids Jazz World” and “Little Kids  Winter Jazz World” and “Little Kids World Music” family concert in 2023 summer. They are dedicated to providing parents with more choices of music for young children, inspiring parents and children to experience different genres of music, and cultivating and enriching their music appreciation and taste. The theme songs of these concerts have also been well-received by local and international audiences, with the theme song “Baby Jazz” from “Little Kids Jazz World” family concert having over 320,000 views.

Ng Cheuk-yin, the founder of Little Flower Kids Music, has created and produced a large number of children’s music for various organizations and schools. His music includes the popular “20-Second Handwashing Song” by McDull, the “Let’s Play Chinese Music Together” series by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and the “7 Steps of Handwashing Animated Short” by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health. Other works include the film score for “McDull’s Darling Darling Companion,” theatre music for “If I Could Make a Wish” by Jimmy Liao, the large-scale children’s dance drama “World of Bump,” the 40th-anniversary musical “Sproutland” by the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, the 2023 International Variety Joint Family Unaccompanied Choral Music Theatre “Marching Towards the Black Forest Piano Shop,” and the 2022 International Variety Joint Family Children’s Nanyin Opera “Lele Gonggong Singing Tribute,” among others. Collaborating units and singers include the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Yip’s Children’s Choir, Hong Kong Treble Choir, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Dance Company, Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Andy Lau, Lowell Lo, Cai Qin, Jeff Chang, Zhang Jin Qiao, Xian Jing Feng, and Chiu Wai San, among others.

Our Recent Works

‘Little Kids World Music’
family concert theme song

‘Yat Yat Yat Kids Song’  Project

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Kids Music Series ‘Music Magic’

McDull ‘Wash Hands Song’