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Flower Music has been supplying premium Music Entertainment solution, specializes in Fusion Music & Jazz.

Hong Kong has been an International society. Fusion Music is a unique genre that paints a brand new refreshing picture of East-Meets-West. If you are looking for a Fusion Band Performance or fusion music for a brand, events. Our expertise provides fusion music production and performance for you.

Flower Fusion Band

Tailor-Made Fusion Music

Renowned music producer Ng Cheuk-Yin as the Music Director, arrange music in the style tailors for client’s story and events. Fusion music performance includes at least 1 western music instruments & 1 Chinese instruments, from Fusion Duo to Fusion Quartet, or a Fusion Band.


Music Director: NG Cheuk-Yin

We pride ourselves as Hong Kong’s premium Fusion Music service provider, which we have tailor-made music performance and music entertainment solution with experienced musicians & artist. For enquiries about booking our service, please email us at info@flowermusic.hk Check out some of our past events!


Our artist SIU2 (ShengItUp2), is a specialized and renowned fusion band with the new vision. SIU2 combines elements of Eastern and Western music, and portrays the cultural side of Hong Kong. The unique brand of sound of SIU2 spreads the reputation to the overseas, and has been participated in various overseas music festivals.

SIU2 provides the extraordinary, professional performance for every single kind of events, which promises to give a refreshing taste to audience. We are welcome for more chances of collaborations.


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