About the collaboration: “A few years ago I met Jun Kung for the first time in Paul Wong’s band room. The DVD of Hi-ten-yu, composed by lsao Matsushita, was playing. On impulse, I asked whether Jun Kung was interested to play the drumset together with an orchestra. He seemed keen and we had a relazed chat. A few years later, I wes commissioned to write a new piece for the Hong Kong Sinfonietta for its Hong Kong Arts Festival concert. I suggested having a crossover piece and trying to play music that reached beyond the usual frontiers – by putting together artists with contrasting backgrounds and styles. I invited Jun Kung as the percussionist and Liang Chun-wai as the bass guitarist. “Jun Kung and Liang Chun-wai mostly play rock music. Unlike traditional play-according-to-score practice, they listen and explore each other’s sound and improvise during their rehearsals, then put together new ideas and styles into their performance. That is why I arranged an orchestral MIDI sample for them as reference, not on black-and-white scores, which opens up new possibilities in music creation. “As non-classical musicians, they will surely bring fresh new ideas to this piece.” About the music: “Fly is a fusion of musical ideas of contemporary orchestral music, rock and jazz. I think the major differences between rock and orchestral music are the concepts of musical form and rhythm. Fly is built upon the rhythm and beat of the drumset and bass guitar, and the structure and form of orchestral music. “To Fly is to capture peace amidst uncertainty.”
Drumset and Electric Bass
Jun KUNG, LEUNG Chun Wai and Hong Kong Sinfonietta
20 minutes
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Electric Bass