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場地租用 Venue Rental

包場場租 Rental Rates:
不可飲食 No Food Allowed – HK$220/hr up
可飲食 Food Allowed –  HK$500/hr up
一人三角琴租用 Grand Piano Rental: HK$180/hr (1 person only)
查詢 Enquiry: 2516 7814 (Service Hour: Mon-Fri 1030-1830)

Flower Music 10 花好音樂廳



Located in Central, Flower Music 10 provides a common ground for all music and arts lovers. All kinds of music or non-music related activities are welcome, which include but not limited to parties, courses, workshops, rehearsals or meetings.  We, Flower Music 10, offers a cozy and convenient venue for your events.
Apart from adequate music and sound equipment, our 500 sq. ft. studio is also installed with air-conditioners, couches, chairs and coffee tables. Hourly rental, starting from $180 per hour, with audio back line and other necessary technical support is available. Rental rate varies on a project-by-project basis.
We welcome all inquiries. We are more than happy to assist and accommodate with your need.

Feature & Equipment:

Basic Equipment:
– Yamaha grand piano GC2
– Guitar amplifier
– Bass amplifier
– Keyboard amplifier
– Tama star-classic drumset (available for use after office hours and during weekend)
– Microphones with stands
– Music stands
– Monitors and speakers
– White Board
We have other musical instruments and equipment available for rental with venue hiring. Please refer to our Venue Rental Form for further details.

Flower Music 10      花好音樂廳


10/F, Tack Building, 50 Gilman Street, Central, Hong Kong



(852) 2516 7814


(852) 2516 7812

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