Performance & Tour History


May 20-11

Le French May: Paris Combo with special guest SIU2

Hong Kong

Apr 22

Hong Kong Arts Development Awards

Hong Kong

Feb 13-14 

Huayi Festival



Oct 24

Music Geographic

Hong Kong

Oct 6

Performing Arts Market Seoul (PAMS): Hong Kong Night

Seoul, Korea

Sep 8-11 

The 2nd Silk Road International Arts Festival Collision@Chang’an Concert (with HKCO4U of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra)

Xian, China

Feb 24

RTHK Lunar New Year Celebration for the Year of the Ram (with RTHK quartet)

Hong Kong


Jun 7

SIU2 x HKCO4U: Sunbeam Collision Concert

Hong Kong

Feb 2

London Chinatown Chinese New Year celebration in Trafalgar Square

London, U.K.


Tour: Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Prague & Warsaw



Jul 7

Concert at Chengdu International Friend Cities Youth Music Week

Chengdu, China

Feb 15

West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2013

Hong Kong


Dec 15

Freespace Fest, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Hong Kong

Dec 14

Hong Kong Shenzhen Creative Arts Festival: Sonic Traveler

Shenzhen, China

Nov 23-24

Hong Kong Week: Collision concert (with HKCO4U of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra)

Taipei, Taiwan

Aug 30-31

SIU2 2012 concert: Sonic Traveler at Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

Hong Kong

Jun 24

Bordeaux Jazz Festival

Bordeaux, France


Cultural Exchange Concert & Workshop at Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


23rd Macao Arts Festival: Zheng’s Walls Have Ears


Apr to Nov

2012 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme: Round the World of Music in 70 Minutes Touring concerts and workshops

Hong Kong


Oct 2

Hong Kong International Jazz Festival 2012 at West Kowloon Cultural District

Hong Kong

Sep 11

2011 Moon Lantern Festival at Tai Shui Wai Park

Hong Kong

Jun 26

Late Night Crossing with SIU2 at ArtisTree presented by Hong Kong Sinfonietta

Hong Kong

May 13

Borneo Jazz 2011


Apr 24

Beishan World Music Festival

Beishan, China

Mar to Nov

2011 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme: My Encyclopedia of Music Touring concerts and workshops

Hong Kong


Apr 16-17

SIU2 Concert: Sheng It Up 2 at Hong Kong City Hall

Hong Kong


Dec 11

SIU2 Concert at Fringe Club

Hong Kong

May 15

Street Music Series at Hong Kong Arts Centre

Hong Kong


Oct 25-26

New Vision Arts Festival: Beyond the Realms of Rock Outdoor Concert

Hong Kong

Aug 16

SIU2 Concert at Fringe Club

Hong Kong

Aug 2

G.O.D. presents: SIU2 Concert at Delay No Mall

Hong Kong

Mar 14

The 36th Hong Kong Arts Festival: Sheng It Up (sponsored by ExxonMobil)

Hong Kong

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