Siuming Chan

bass guitar

Before joining SIU2, Siuming has already been an active musician in Hong Kong music industry. He took on various roles which included but not limited to performance, production and directing.

From 1996 to 1997, he was the musician of Saturday Night on Commercial Radio 2. He also collaborated with many famous Hong Kong artists including Law TaYu, Adam Cheng, Lisa Wong, Yip Sai Wing@Beyond, Paul Wong@Beyond, GrassHopper, Eason Chan, Dayo Wong Tze Wah, Candy Lo, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung, Kay Tse, Ivana Wong, Mimi Lo, Joise Ho, Shino Lam, Soler, Pong Nam, Kary Ng, Shine, EO2, Robynn & Kendy, Moylie Wu, Ryan Hui, Jun Kung, Amanda Lee, Dj Sammy and Tommy Ho etc.

From 2000 to 2009, Siuming started to be involved in the television and commercial music industry, and worked and travelled with a Hong Kong duo Soler to China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Apart from music collaborations and productions, Siuming also performed actively as a bass player. In 2004, he was invited by the Hong Kong Musical Theatre Federation to play in the drama, Pippin, and Vision Party, produced by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for their celebration of 20th Anniversary. Siuming, in addition, presented as a bass player in the Drama, Around the World in 80 Days, produced by Faust in 2006.

Siuming was also a frequent bass player at Hong Kong artists’ Concerts and public singing contests such as Ivana Wong’s, Myolie Wu’s, The Voice organized by the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), and Asian Million Star organized by Asia Television (ATV).

Siuming further extended his music career to becoming a music director. In 2010, Siuming was the music director in a musical, Crazy Garden. In the same year, Siuming, on the other hand, music directed Hong Kong Artist, Cookies’ concert Happy 2Gether and Neway’s Hot Stars Concert.

In 2011, Siuming officially joined a local fusion band, SIU2, which later toured and performed at Hong Kong and overseas music festivals, such as Beishan International World Music Festival, Malaysia Borneo Jazz Music Festival and Hong Kong International Jazz Festival. Some representative performances of SIU2 such as touring in Europe in 2014, and Collision, a concert collaborating with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra performed in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

While working with SIU2, Siuming also worked with Soler and Sammy So from Kolor and took part in music production for a RTHK television program called English Made Easy and a Taiwan movie called Black & White. He continued playing bass for many Hong Kong artists such as Mimi Lo, Robynn & Kendy, Candy Lo, Joey Yung, Shine, Lisa Wong etc.



全職音樂人、創作人、低音結他手。曾為香港流行音樂學院之音樂導師; 與多位創作人及歌手合作、及進行錄音及演出工作,包括鄭少秋、汪明荃、陳奕迅、黃貫中及容祖兒等,陳學明亦為Soler御用低音結他手,曾到中國內地、台灣、馬來西亞及新加坡等地作巡回演出。另外,他於不少舞台劇、電視節目及電台擔任低音結他手,包括香港演藝學院20th週年大型舞台劇”Vision Party”、香港音樂劇協會舉辦之舞台劇”Pippin”、Faust劇團舞台劇”Around the World in 80 Days”及無線電視節目「超級巨聲」等;也負責多個電視廣告音樂製作及電影配樂工作。

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