Peter Fan


Currently the pianist of a renowned Hong Kong fusion band SIU2, Fan was also the Keyboard Principal of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta from 2003 to 2008.  He studied music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts after graduating from the Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong. Fan has performed extensively both locally and internationally, including England, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Macau and mainland China, with a recent highlight of a performance to an audience of over 30,000 people at London’s Trafalgar Square.

While at the Academy, Fan was majoring in Piano Performance under the tutelage of Gabriel Kwok, the Head of Keyboard Studies. He studied Chamber Music/Accompaniment with Nancy Loo, Mary Wu, Fan Ting, Richard Bamping and Barry Wilde, and Piano Pedagogy with Eleanor Wong. While he was still a student, Fan performed at numerous masterclasses and received various scholarships.

Since graduation, Fan has been a much sought-after accompanist, chamber musician, and orchestral pianist, collaborating with both local and international artists and groups. These artists include Lung Heung-wing, Yuri Bashmet, José Carreras of “The Three Tenors”, David Glass Ensemble, and Korean dance master Sin-cha Hong, etc.

He has also taught at the Music School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, as a piano instructor at the Music Department of the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute of Education, as well as a guest keyboard player of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

He was invited by the Hong Kong Arts Festival to be a guest performer in 2000, and more recently as a member of the band SIU2, he was one of the featured artists of “Exxon Mobil Vision—Sheng It Up” of the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Festival. On top of his performing career, Fan has also been a radio program host for the classical music channel RTHK 4.

In July, 2010, Fan was invited to perform in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ 25th Anniversary Fund-Raising Concerts—“The Academy’s Best Pianists Concerts”.

When the Russian pianist Evgeny Kissin visited Hong Kong in April 2014, he was the host of the event “An Evening with Kissin”.

In addition to all his musical activities, Fan is a healing practitioner and a host for an online radio program. With Hong Kong as his base, his healing work regularly brings him to various cities in China.




畢業後除擔任獨奏外,樊氏亦積極參與伴奏、室樂和樂隊表演,並與本地及國際音樂家和藝團合作,如龍向榮、巴舒密(Yuri Bashmet)、「三大男高音」之卡列拉斯(José Carreras)、大衛格拉斯劇團(David Glass Ensemble)、和韓國舞蹈大師洪信子。曾出任劇場製作的音樂總監、電影音樂製作和任教於香港演藝學院音樂學院。樊國雄現於香港大學音樂系與香港教育學院作鋼琴導師及為香港管弦樂團作客席鍵琴手。此外樊氏亦曾為香港古典音樂電台–香港電台第四台RTHK4–作主持。 2010年七月他應邀為母校香港演藝學院於其”演藝二十五周年鋼琴精英籌款音樂會”中表演。

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