jazz piano / jazz improvisation


Rod is a local keyboardist, composer and arranger in Hong Kong. He has been involving in projects for film scoring, fashion functions, company promotions, animation productions and pop arrangements, both in Hongkong and Taiwan.

Early music influences including Hisaishi Jō, Nobuo Uematsu are the sources to his rich harmonic and orchestration concepts, which are the reasons to the uniqueness and enchantment of his work.

Rod is also an active member of the live music scene. Playing piano, accordian, and harmonica, Rod has worked mostly in jazz. His repertoire includes a wide range of genre including swing, funk, fusion and bossa nova. He has publicly performed in Peel Fresco, Kubrick, Java Java in Hong Kong, Jazz Café, Blue Note in Taipei, and the IFC Mall in ShangHai, and has a regular gig in Cali Cali (HongKong). He has played with musicians including Ted Lo, Eugene Pao, Tsang Tak Hong, Wilson Lam, Andrew Gander and Karissa Muse.

pop singing / vocal technique


Raoul Chan is currently a resident artist of Yat Po Singers and the instructor of the “Sing-Sing-Sing” Pop Singing Course at the Flower Music 10. He was the teaching assistant of a singing course at Emperor Entertainment Academy for Performing Arts. Raoul graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Vocal and Opera studies. His first teacher was tenor Professor An Ping from Shanxi University. He visited the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing several times to receive vocal training from the soprano Li Haizhen there.

Chan has performed in Zheng’s Walls Have Ears at the Macao Arts Festival, the China Central Television programme I Want to Perform in China’s New Year Gala, he has created the first choral theatre work Addio Turandot in the a cappella-la-la programme, one of the pieces Why Do You Still Love Me has received the nomination in the CASH Golden Sail Award – Local Serious Work. Currently performing in various Asian counties, include China, Japan and Korea.

composition / arrangement


Ng Cheuk-yin is a renowned composer, sheng performer and a cappella singer in Hong Kong. His music flows seamlessly through the East and West, past and present while melting down borders between genres, representing the special culture of Hong Kong.

Yin is Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s first Artist Associate, the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s first resident composer, music director of the fusion group SIU2 and the co-artistic director of the a cappella theatre company Yat Po Singers. He is also the founder of the music label Flower Music and the publishing company for Hong Kong Composers – Apple Tree Music. After receiving a post-graduate degree from the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he went on to study Japanese at the International Christian University in Tokyo and Jazz Music at Codarts in the Netherlands.

Yin is the artistic director of Yat Po Singers, Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s first Artist Associate and music director of the fusion band SIU2. After receiving a post-graduate degree from the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he went on to study Japanese at the International Christian University in Tokyo and Jazz Music at Codarts in the Netherlands.

In 2012, Yin received Award for Best Artist from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In 2009 and 2013, Yin received the Best Serious Composition in CASH Golden Sail Music Awards by the theatrical choral concert Rock Hard and double sheng concerto Before the City Collapses respectively. In the following year, his choral work Singing Voices of the World was awarded twice the CASH Golden Sail Most Performed Works Award 2014 & 2019 (Serious Music).

Yin’s works for Yat Po Singers include Rock Hard, Sing Sang Sung, Requiem HK, Herbal, Vocal or Motional (Yat Po Singers x Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra), Pica Pica Choose and This Victoria Has No Secrets.

Yin’s orchestral works include sheng concerto for Chinese orchestra The Seventh Month, drumset concerto Fly, Chinese orchestral work Tang Resonating and Chinese percussion concerto White etc. Other compositions by Ng include music for dance drama spectaculars L’Amour immortel, Lady White of West Snake and Di Zi Gui; film score for the McDull movie Pork of Music; choral works Before We Grow Up, Singing Voices of the World, Music of Love and Ears in Heaven; and pop songs Under the Cherry Blossom Tree and The Way We Grew by Hins Cheung and Can’t Get Happy by Eason Chan.

jazz bass guitar / pop bass guitar


Wong Tak Chung, a young, local jazz bass guitarist. He has over ten years of performance experience and studied with one of the well-known bass guitarists, Tsang Tak Hong in Hong Kong. He decided to become a professional musician, pursuing his passion for music after receiving “The Best Bass Guitarist” Award in a local music contest in 2007.

Wong Tak Chung has performed and worked with numerous, famous musicians in Hong Kong, which include but not limited to Ted Lo, Wilson Lam, Andrew Gander, Orlando Bonzi, Dulip Charith, Bob Mocarsky, Ng Cheuk Yin, etc. He was also invited to perform at several local and overseas Jazz Music Festivals.

In 2016, Wong Tak Chung formed a Jazz group called In One Stroke with four other local jazz musicians, and the group has released their first album “In One Stroke”.

pop piano / classical piano / composition / arrangement


Tse Tai Shun is a musician who constantly alternates his role between a composer, arranger and pianist. First received classical piano training at the age of three, he delivered his first public recital at eight, and he has been performing as a solo pianist and a keyboardist since then. He has been working with both international and local artist such as IL DIVO, Connie Talbot, Partick Tang, Suki Sheck, etc.

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, in music composition, Tai Shun has been seeking a common ground on different musical genres through breaking their generic barriers. His multimedia work interrupted, premiered by renowned violinist Yao Jue, is one of the prominent examples of this compositional attempt.

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