one man a cappella

“Whether it’s in his role as leader of the Chinese/rock fusion group SIU2, as a member of A Cappella group The Gay Singers, as an acclaimed sheng player or as a renowned composer, you can be sure that Ng is always pushing Hong Kong’s musical boundaries.”

– William Lane, Time Out Magazine


New Album《兩個人總比一個人好》 in 2017

w/ Music Bee Crowd Funding Scheme

Breaking news for all the A Cappella fans in Hong Kong!

In 2017, Ng Yin will be releasing his second one man a cappella album《兩個人總比一個人好》. There will be altogether 6 to 7 collaborative works from Ng Yin and several famous local artists such as singer-songwriter Chet Lam and Jim Lau, etc. All these exciting tunes in the album will either be well-known pop songs being rearranged in the unparalleled a cappella style or brand new original works by Ng Yin! Stay tuned for more details on this album!

Crowd Funding Project @ Music Bee

Ng Yin is calling all music lovers for their participation and monetary support for the production processes of《兩個人總比一個人好》 through the online crowd funding platform Music Bee starting from today to February 3rd, 2017. You can be part of this music project too! Click HERE to know more about the《兩個人總比一個人好》 x Music Bee project!


As an active and prolific composer, Ng Cheuk-yin composes and performs a cappella. In continuation to his early participation in renowned a cappellagroup ‘The Gay Singers’ as one of the founding members, Yin has dedicated to propel a cappella genre in Hong Kong. In 2011, he released his a cappellaalbum ‘Single Singers’, in which his emulation of instrumental sounds and vocal percussion have added new dimension to a cappella music. In 2012, Yin founded the first-of-its-kind professional a cappella group ‘Yat Po Singers’ in collaboration with veteran ballet dancer and choreographer, Yuri Ng, and choral conductor, Patrick Chiu, a theatrical choral concert ‘Rock Hard’ and ‘Sing Sang Sung ’ are the major highlights.