WONG Tak-Chung

Pop Bass Guitar / Jazz Bass Guitar

Wong Tak-Chung, a young, local jazz bass guitarist. He has over ten years of performance experience and studied with one of the well-known bass guitarists, TSANG Tak-Hong in Hong Kong. He decided to become a professional musician, pursuing his passion for music after receiving an “Best Bass Guitarist” Award in a local music contest in 2007.

Wong Tak-Chung has performed and worked with numerous, famous musicians in Hong Kong, which include but not limited to Ted Lo, Wilson Lam, Andrew Gander, Orlando Bonzi, Dulip Charith, Bob Mocarsky, Ng Cheuk-Yin, etc.  He was also invited to perform at several local and overseas Jazz Music Festivals. 

Last year, Wong Tak-Chung formed a Jazz group called In One Stroke with four other local jazz musicians, and the group has released their first album “In One Stroke”. 

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