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TSE Tai-shun

Our Instructor

TSE Tai-shun is a musician who constantly alternates his role between a composer, arranger and pianist. First received classical piano training at the age of three, he delivered his first public recital at eight, and he has been performing as a solo pianist and a keyboardist since then. He has been working with both international and local artist such as IL DIVO, Connie Talbot, Partick Tang, Suki Sheck, etc.

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, in music composition, Tai-shun has been seeking a common ground on different musical genres through breaking their generic barriers. His multimedia work inter岔rupted, premiered by renowned violinist Yao Jue, is one of the prominent examples of this compositional attempt.

香港近年唱作歌手愈來愈多,不少人也對自己作曲感興趣。你係咪都有呢股熱血,但因為唔識樂器而卻步?花好音樂廳的流行鋼琴入門班教你基本理論和彈奏方法! 等你可以自彈自唱兼幫一班老友伴奏呀!

Do you admire those singers who could compose and play the music on their own? If you ever wanted to be like them, we are here to help you! No matter you learnt instrument before or not, our course “Pop Piano for Absolute Beginner” teaches you some basic theory and performance techniques! You could even join a pop jam with your friends after the course!


【流行鋼琴 Pop Piano】

費用:HK$2,000 / 4節 (每節1小時)

*每四節為一期, 若該月份有五節課, 學費將以五節課計算。

若上課日期與公眾假期相撞, 該課堂將不會計算及不設補堂。


Course introduction: Mainly teach basic theory and method to playing pop piano; students could learn to play either Eastern or Western pop music for future performance and music jamming. The course is suitable for any person who interests in playing pop piano; we are not requiring any music skills or performing experience before the lesson. It is tailor-made for beginners. Quota: 2-4 ppl *Duration: 1hr (2ppl); 1hr and 15min (3ppl); 1hr and 30 min (4ppl) Class will be available for min. 2 ppl! Venue: Flower Music 10, 10/F, Tack Building, 50 Gilman Street, Central, Hong Kong Fee of Every Lessons:  (Please make sure to finish the payment one week before the lesson starts) Private: (Individual) [1 hr] $500/person

Group (2-4ppl): $954/person (for the whole course)

Tutor: Taishun Tse Self-arranged classes scheduled apart from the regular class timetable, please click here for contact and more details.

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