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Rod is a local keyboardist, composer and arranger in Hong Kong. He has started his career since 1998 and has been involving in projects for film scoring, fashion functions, company promotions, animation productions and pop arrangements, both in Hongkong and Taiwan.

Early music influences including Hisaishi Jō (久石讓) Nobuo Uematsu (植松伸夫) are the sources to his rich harmonic and orchestration concepts, which are the reasons to the uniqueness and enchantment of his work.

Rod is  also an active member of the live music scene. Playing piano, accordian, and harmonica, Rod has worked mostly in jazz. His repertoire includes a wide range of genre including swing, funk, fusion and bossa nova. He has publicly performed in Peel Fresco, Kubrick, Java Java in Hong Kong, Jazz Café, Blue Note in Taipei, and the IFC Mall in ShangHai, and has a regular gig in Cali Cali (HongKong). He has played with musicians including Ted Lo, Eugene Pao, Tsang Tak Hong, Wilson Lam, Andrew Gander and Karissa Muse.

“如何能單看和弦就能即興演奏?” “音階五花八門,應如何適當地使用?”

嚮往爵士樂手自由奔放的演奏嗎?花好音樂廳全新課程- 爵士新丁即興玩教你Jazz Improvisation入門技巧! 課程將由擁有豐富演出及教學經驗的爵士樂手Rod Chui 徐樂心教學。目的是讓從未接觸Jazz的音樂愛好者一嘗自由即興玩Jazz的味道,教你認識和掌握Jazz Improvisation的技巧! 



“How am I be able to improvise from simply reading chords?” There’re numerous of scales. How can I use them appropriately?” Have you always wanted to experience freedom in your music performance just like every Jazz player? Taught by experienced local Jazz musician Rod Chui, Flower Music 10 brand new course – Jazz Improvisation  Course is designed for absolute beginner who have no experience in playing Jazz before! Here, you will get to experience, play and learn some easy and basic skills for Jazz improvisation!  Participants will need to possess basic instruments’ operational knowledge only. We welcome all pitched instruments and vocalists. 


人數:4-6 人 (四人開班)
地點:花好音樂廳, 香港中環機利文街50號德享大厦10樓
正價: $1,200 (小組);$2,400 (個人)
導師:徐樂心Rod Chui



Date:13/8, 20/8, 27/8, 3/9 (Every Saturday, four classes/cycle) Time:1:30-3 PM Capacity:4-6 people Fee:$1,200 per person (group);  $2,400 per person (private) Location:Flower Music 10, 10/F, Tack Building, 48 Gilman Street, Central, Hong Kong
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