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Almond YEUNG

Our Instructor

Born in Hong Kong, Almond involves in all parts of local music industry. During his drumming profession in Hong Kong, Almond has performed actively with the most renowned local jazz artists including Eugene Pao, Ted Lo, Orlando Bonzi, Tsang Tak Hong etc.  He is also a member of a renowned Hong Kong jazz band “In One Stroke” and they have launched their first recordings in 2016. Almond also involved in a large ensemble Shaolin Fez which is leading by a group of Hong Kong philharmonic Orchestra players and had performed at Clockenflap festival in 2012. In recent years, Almond has performed in a hit TV show “I am not a star” in China and has featured in an Asian TV show “Just Jazz”.

Besides, Almond has worked as a guest lecturer at HKIed and teaches drum set regularly at secondary schools and universities.

「想學打鼓想左好耐都未行動? 現在係時候啦!」

Have you been hoping to learn how to play swing and jazz on the drums? This course is your perfect fit! Taught by a local, well-known Jazz Drummer ALMOND YEUNG, students will learn fundamental knowledge and skill applications of Jazz drum as well as vocabularies that are commonly used in Jazz. 

課程簡介:課程將會教授爵士鼓的基本演奏及手法技巧,例如握棍及打擊動作,以及介紹Groove 與 Fill In的入門概念。老師亦會於課堂中與學生實踐曲目演奏!學生建立基本技巧後,老師更會進一步教授爵士樂初階知識並應用於爵士鼓的演奏上!
人數: 私人班或小組2-4人
*1小時(二人班), 1.25小時 (三人班), 1.5 小時 (四人班)
地點:花好音樂廳, 香港中環機利文街50號德享大厦10樓
每人HK$500 (私人班) 
 每人HK$350 (小組)
導師: Almond Yeung

Course Description: Students will be learning fundamental knowledge and various skill applications of Jazz. In addition, students will have the opportunity to be exposed to vocabularies and accompaniment skills that are commonly used in Jazz through obtaining hands-on experience in class, exploring and looking in to different musical performance styles. 

We welcome all individuals who already have basic operation knowledge on the drums and/or experience in playing the drums.

Date: 26/7, 2/8, 9/8, 16/8 (TUE) Time: 9:30 PM (*1-1.5 hrs)

Location: FLOWER MUSIC 10, 10/F, Tack Building, 50 Gilman Street, Central, Hong Kong

Instructor: Almond Yeung 

*Maximum number of students: 4

4 students: 1 hour and 30 mins 3 students: 1 hour and 15 mins 2 students: 1 hour 

Fee($/lesson): $350/person for group of 2-4 ppl                            

                            $500/person for individual lesson

The course will be taught in Cantonese.

You are welcome to form your own course at your chosen time. We open courses with a minimum of 2 students.

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