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WONG Tak-Chung  

Our Instructor

Wong Tak-Chung, a young, local jazz bass guitarist. He has over ten years of performance experience and studied with one of the well-known bass guitarists, TSANG Tak-Hong in Hong Kong. He decided to become a professional musician, pursuing his passion for music after receiving an “Best Bass Guitarist” Award in a local music contest in 2007.
Wong Tak-Chung has performed and worked with numerous, famous musicians in Hong Kong, which include but not limited to Ted Lo, Wilson Lam, Andrew Gander, Orlando Bonzi, Dulip Charith, Bob Mocarsky, Ng Cheuk-Yin, etc.  He was also invited to perform at several local and overseas Jazz Music Festivals.  Last year, Wong Tak-Chung formed a Jazz group called In One Stroke with four other local jazz musicians, and the group has released their first album “In One Stroke”. 
課程簡介:報讀者需對彈奏低音結他有基本認知和經驗,導師將集中教授彈奏爵士低音結他的重要技巧和多種演繹方式,令學員在夾band 時更能體驗即興演奏的樂趣。
小組課程:*1小時(二人班),1.25小時(三人班),1.5 小時 (四人班)
地點:花好音樂廳, 香港中環機利文街50號德享大厦10樓
個別上課:每人HK$650 (一堂計)
小組課堂:每人HK$350 (一堂計)

Course Description: Applicants need to know the basics of bass guitar playing, students will learn about basic techniques of jazz bass guitar playing and the various ways of interpretation. 

Maximum number of students: 4

Duration of class varies depending on the number of students in class: 4 students: 1 hour and 30 mins;

3 students: 1 hour and 15 mins;

2 students: 1 hour 


Private: HK$650/hr

Group Class: HK$350/hr

Address: Flower Music 10, 10/F Tack Building, 50 Gilman Street, Central, Hong Kong *Class will be conducted in Cantonese.  *Please click here to contact us for private lessons*

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